After spending countless hours researching through You Tube and the internet for videos on Pregnancy, Birth, Breastfeeding and Parenting, I have boiled them down to a list of ones that I recommend. There are thousands of videos on these topics on You Tube, but not all of them are helpful. Some are misinformed and some are pretty traumatizing to watch, trust me. Here are some videos which I have found useful or inspiring.

Don’t just watch them. Think about what you fits with you. Do you agree or disagree with all the content? What kind of experience would you like to have? What is important to you?

If you have any other videos which you found helpful, or if you have questions or comments, leave a comment in the comment box below. Thanks!



Animation of Conception and Life In Utero –

Tips for taking beautiful pregnancy photos –

This is just fun :> Belly Dance for Pregnancy –

Pregnancy Yoga Stretches –

Prenatal Yoga –

Prenatal Pilates –

Brilliant!  Sleeping Tips in the Last Trimester –

And if you really want to spoil yourself  The Body Pillow –



3D Animation of Birth –

Inspiring pics of The Experience of Birth –

Super Duper Inspiring Movie about Natural Birth – Birth As We Know It

Pushing Positions –

Active Labour Positions –

Having Continuous Labour Support –

Mother-directed pushing at homebirth – Pushing at homebirth

Mother-directed pushing at hospital birth – Pushing in hospital

Delayed Cord Clamping – Penny Simkin on Delayed Cord Clamping

Water Birth In Hospital –

Natural Hospital Birth – A hospital natural birth

This is a homebirth that became an advertisement for, believe it or not, a mattress –

Discussing The Safety Of Homebirth –

If A Cesarean is Necessary, there are some ways to make it gentler for mom and baby –

The Spiritual Experience of Birth (This woman talks about it in terms of her Jewish background, but it resonates with many women) –

This woman describes her emotional and spiritual experience in pregnancy and birth –

Documentary trailer about the power of birth –

A Navajo Midwife Shares Her Thoughts –

Penny Simkin – Pain Versus Suffering in Labour –

Ina May Gaskin describes emotions and hormones in labour –

Ancient Images of Birth –

Here’s my own slideshow of my homebirth –



Nursing Know How –

First Latch –

A Mom Teaches How to Latch (In Tagalog and English) – I like this one because the mom is doing the teaching herself, not some other “expert” –

Mothers talk about breastfeeding –



This one is just too cute – Babies the movie

Moms Talk About Comforting A Crying Baby –

How To Deal With A Colicky Baby and Toddler Tantrums –

How To Swaddle A Baby –

How To Burp Your Baby After Feeding –

How To Bathe Your Newborn –

How To Dress Your Baby –

Cloth Diapering –


For The Dads:

Being Dad –

The Evolution of Dad –

This is a funny one – Father Goes Into Crib –



Know any good videos? I`m always looking for more videos. Let me know in the comment box.



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