Prenatal Class Schedules for Surrey Langley area

Group Prenatal Classes in the Surrey Langley area

Summer Weekend Classes :

Sat July 29th – Sun July 30th

9.30am – 4.30pm each day, with a one hour lunch break

Groups are kept small so everyone gets their individual questions and concerns covered.

Fees :

$195 per couple


Private Prenatal Classes

These classes are very popular because they are done in the convenience of your own home, and on your schedule. Your unique questions and concerns are fully addressed so you may start out nervous but will end confident in your ability to have a great birth experience and actually looking forward to it. You will have the chance to decide what your birth preferences are, how to discuss them with your midwife, or doctor, and how to make informed decisions which leave you feeling empowered, and knowing you can have a positive birth experience for yourself and your baby. You will also learn about having healthy pregnancy, natural pain coping strategies for labour, breastfeeding, and post-partum care.


$295 for first-time parent classes  (8 hours over 2 days)


Refresher Prenatal Classes for experienced parents

You’ve had a kid or two, and your are definitely wiser, but you may want to do a quick refresher class for a few reasons. You may not have been totally happy with the way your previous birth went and want to know what you can do to have a great experience this time. You may have had a cesarean, and want to know how to have a VBAC for this birth. Or, it might be your second baby, but your partner’s first, and you want him to learn how best to support you through this labour. Whichever the reason, you will absolutely LOVE these prenatal classes and learn lots of useful tips.


$195 for experienced parents classes (5 hours in one day)



To register, or for more information,

call 604 809 3288 or email kaurina @ prenatal journey .ca

You can download the Registration Form and call to book your spot.






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  2. Hi, we are expecting our first child October 1. And I’m looking to join a class, I really like the approach that you take and I’m wondering if you have any classes coming up soon.

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