Life Coaching for Moms

Life Coaching for Stressed Out Moms

Being a mom is challenging, even when you have a lot of support. But throw in a couple more kids, or lack of support from friends and family, or difficulty with work-life balance, and being a mom can become incredibly overwhelming.

Yet we all want to be the best moms for our kids, and they deserve that. We deserve that. We deserve to have great support for the most important job we do.

I have been a mom now for over 16 years, and a doula for 14. I have supported many families through their incredible journeys of birth, and also stayed connected with them for years after. It has been my mission to learn and provide support that makes a real and lasting difference to families. For the last 6 years, I have been learning many effective systems to help families deal with emotional, relationship, parenting and work-life stresses.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, isolated, or frustrated, you are not alone.

Please contact me and we can set up a no-charge, breakthrough phone call to get clear about what you are dealing with and what can make a difference for you.

You can call or text me at 1 – 604 – 809 3288, or email me at

And remember, you are doing a great job!




Healing Birth Trauma, Post Partum Depression or Anxiety, or Emotional Stress in Pregnancy


While the birth of our children is usually one of the happiest moments in life, the birth process or how we were treated by people during birth, can sometimes be upsetting, even traumatic. If you think back to your birth and have some upset, resentment, fear, or anxiety, and you would like to process your birth experience, learn from it, and clear all negative emotions associated with it, I have good news for you. The upset can be healed.

It may seem impossible. After all, you’ve probably talked to so many people about your birth, but nothing is ever going to change what happened.

After being a doula for 8 years, and learning numerous techniques to heal people’s trauma, I have found Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) and Matrix Reimprinting to be the most effective.

I am extremely passionate about helping moms clear all unnecessary stress and emotional upset that is preventing them from being happy and fulfilled.

I have been helping moms heal and process their births and learn from them so they feel positive and empowered.

I have also been using coaching techniques, EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting for moms in pregnancy to process relationship stresses, past traumas or anything else that may be causing them stress in pregnancy.

Post Partum anxiety and post partum depression are also more common than we think. If you are dealing with this, get professional help. In addition, I can offer support, coaching and EFT that can really make a difference.


Please contact me about any of these services. I offer a free clarity session over the phone so you can see if it is right for you.

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I had the opportunity to talk with Kaurina about my first time giving birth. It felt so natural and easy as she guided me through my emotions and thoughts, isolating what was at the heart of my sadness, and allowing me to release it. She knew when to lighten the mood with a joke, and when to gently push me to go back and find those feelings of sadness, frustration, and powerlessness. With her guidance, I was able to reframe my perspective on what happened, and now when I look back on my son’s birth I am no longer haunted by those feelings. It has given me so much freedom, I want to talk with her about all of the things I am holding on to! I highly recommend getting in touch with Kaurina if you need someone to talk you through anything you’re struggling with!

– Katrina F.


I’m feeling much better when I think about my daughters birth now. I think just you guiding and asking the right questions helped. As I was also looking to delve deeper and bring things to light. I think this is what I needed.

– Jas S.



About Kaurina Danu

Kaurina is a Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Life Coach, and Mom of four. After supporting many families over the period of their lives through pregnancy, birth and early parenting, she realized there was a huge need for support beyond that. Parents’ lives could get intensely stressful, and providing the emotional support and tools to support parents in all areas of their lives, allowed them to be more present and fulfilled, which benefits them and their children.

Some projects she has started are : Mommy SOS! – Support for stressed out moms; Moms Supporting Moms In Need, and Moms Connect meet up.

Kaurina is also passionate about the possibility of creating lasting change in people’s individual lives and relationships, and how that impacts transformation in the wider society.

Training :

  • Certified Life Coach with American Union of NLP
  • Robbins Madanes Institute of Strategic Intervention
  • Christian Mickelsen Rapid Coaching Academy
  • Landmark Education Self Expression and Leadership Program Coach
  • Active Listening, Grief and Loss Support, Adult Education Skills 
  • Certified in Facilitation and Conflict Resolution Skills 
  • Certified Reflexologist
  • Reiki 2nd Degree
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping
  • Matrix Reimprinting
  • Byron Katie’s technique “The Work”
  • Marshall Rosenburg’s “Nonviolent Communication”
  • Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction
  • Crisis Counselling training from Vancouver Women’s Shelter


For more information about her coaching practice, visit Coaching For A New Humanity.