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Kaurina Danu

Kaurina Danu Birth Doula – Surrey & Langley BC

“Kaurina Danu is the best doula in the world! If you or anybody you know are pregnant and live in the Lower Mainland, this is probably the best gift you can give to yourself and your baby. Having Kaurina with me for the birth of my two daughters has been an enormous blessing for our family. She showed me what a natural birth was and, most importantly, the physical and emotional tools I needed to be able to achieve one. No words are enough to express my gratitude. Every woman who is expecting a baby should talk to Kaurina! It would be a great gift to themselves and their babies.”                                                                                                              – Consuelo Palencia, Vancouver, BC


“I got connected with Kaurina through my doctor, when I was pregnant with my first baby. We had no idea what a doula was and how could she help us. We initially met her at my place during my third trimester. She explained and gave her ideas, guidelines and techniques, which could help me to stay relaxed and calm before and in the process of childbirth. She was an incredible asset for us, as we were first time parents and also new immigrants with no family or much support.

When I was in my first stage of labour, I was at home for 8 hours and Kaurina was there with me, providing physical and emotional support to make me more comfortable as my body was preparing for birth. Also another 14 hours at the hospital encouraging me, providing comfort and care whenever I needed and also helping me to understand what to expect and how to cope with it in every step of the way. I had expected her to be like an instructor. But she wasn’t. She was more like a friend. That made it so much easier to be open and honest with her about how I was feeling.

She was a great strength and confidence, not only to me but also to my husband; helping and directing him in ways he could support me. Since she was there with us my husband also was able to stay calm without feeling helpless and anxious as he watched me in pain.

Once we came home with the baby she dropped by several times to see how things were going with the new baby and me. Each time she gave me an incredible foot massage, which helped me to relax my body and mind.

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kaurina as a birth doula to anyone looking for doula service. We will definitely have her with us once we decide to have another baby. She is a calm, well-experienced doula with measureless knowledge and a kind heart. We are very delighted and thank her for being a part of this wonderful experience in our lives. “

– Aloma Perera, Vancouver, BC



My Birthing Experience

I am 42 years old and just had my second child Abigail on Feb 5, 2012.  I had hoped to have a water birth with my first child Julius but after a difficult and long labour, I ended up having a Cesarean.  Needless to say I was nervous about the delivery of Abigail and was under all sorts of pressure from family to just book a C- section.  My midwives suggested I speak to someone at the Best Birth clinic at the hospital.  After a consultation which included many statistics on Vaginal births after caesarean (VBAC), I booked my c-section for week 39 ½.

Then I met Kaurina through a mutual friend.  After a few very informative conversations, I cancelled my C-section.  To say the least, Kaurina was incredible. Her passion and knowledge of the birth process is amazing. She walked me through the previous birth experience of my son and made me face all my fears thus disempowering them.She showed me amazing videos of natural births and brought to light the miniscule chance of a uterine rupture during a VBAC. I was excited but nervous for the birth of my daughter.

When the big day came, she was there for me throughout it all. When my labour turned into back labour, she massaged me tirelessly through every contraction (for hours and hours).  During moments of exhaustion and wondering if the baby was ever going to come out, she whispered words of encouragement, and at times challenged me to have this child, giving me the determination to get through it.  When the baby got stuck and they threatened forceps, her support amplified and gave me the strength to push the baby out.

Kaurina’s beautiful nurturing energy along with her gift in helping to release any trauma from the birth experience is mind blowing. Her approach is natural and I feel she is a gifted healer mentally and physically speaking (Her shiatsu messages are mind blowing). Words cannot express how happy I am that I had her counselling before and after the birth and that she was there for me through the most intense experience of my life. My recovery from this birth was a walk in the park compared to my caesarean experience and I am so happy both Abigail and I got to experience a natural birth.

– Shelley Klassen, Vancouver, BC,  owner of Blushing Boutique

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