Group for New and Expecting Moms

Support Group for New and Expecting Moms

The next meet up for pregnant and new moms is August 18th 2017 in Cloverdale, Surrey, BC.

While there are several groups for moms and babies, they are usually focused on the needs of babies, or child development, which is great, but what is lacking is a focus on the emotional, mental, and social needs of moms. That’s what this group is about – a chance for moms to connect socially and really be authentic about what they are dealing with, get support, and support each other. It’s great to get out, connect, and know that we are in this together. We all get the ups and downs you may be dealing with in pregnancy and in new motherhood.


The group will be facilitated by local Surrey Langley Doulas – me, Kaurina, and Katrina, of Cedar Sisters Doula Care. Doulas are awesome at supporting moms in a non-judgemental way, whatever your parenting or birth choices.

You can call or text Kaurina to RSVP at 604 809 3288, or sign up to the event on Facebook at  Mama Mornings : moms group meet up.



New and Expecting Moms Group in Cloverdale

A Meet Up Group for New and Expecting Moms


While there are quite a few groups for moms and babies, they are mostly geared towards the needs of the kids, which is great, but there is seldom space in that to discuss the emotional and social needs of moms. Expecting moms usually say they are not sure what to expect once baby is born, and seem to be at the receiving end of a wide variety of confusing and contradictory information about pregnancy, birth, baby care and parenting. New moms tend to struggle with knowing if they are “doing it right” and feel anxious if they think they are not. Btw, there is no right way 😉  Moms of young children often say they are dealing with social isolation, overwhelm, mom guilt, stress and lack of self-care and acknowledgement.


Having a supportive group can make a huge difference

Our moms group, Nest Nights, will be focused on dealing with common issues that pregnant and new moms are facing in a supportive and solution-oriented way. The group will be facilitated by doulas who are also moms.

The first one starts Monday July 31st, 2017 at 6pm in the Haven Midwifery Office in Cloverdale, Surrey. So if you are in the Surrey or Langley area and are expecting, or have had a baby in the last few months, RSVP me, Kaurina, at 604 809 3288.

So far, there has been a lot of interest, so we are planning to start a morning group in August for the moms who can’t make it in the evening. Another group will start in September for moms with kids who are toddlers or older. This will be held at the YMCA in Surrey and will have space for kids to move around and play.

If this is something you are interested in, even if you can’t make the first date of July 31st, give me a call and I’ll put you on the contact list, once more dates are scheduled.

Have a great day, and know that you are doing a great job!

Summer 2017 Group Prenatal Classes for Surrey Langley

Prenatal Classes Surrey Langley

Summer 2017 Group Prenatal Classes for Surrey Langley have now been scheduled!

These classes are for expecting moms due August or September. Groups are kept small to ensure parents get their unique questions and concerns addressed. Prenatal Journey’s prenatal classes are specially designed for people who would prefer to have as natural a birth as possible.

The classes will empower you to understand the physical and emotional journey of childbirth and what effective strategies real life women use to get through labour and have  positive birth experience. You will also learn how to make informed decisions about your healthcare and that of your child.

Moms often start out feeling nervous about their ability to cope with labour, but end up feeling confident in themselves, their partners, and looking forward to meeting their babies and the journey that brings them.


Group classes for the Summer 2017 will be :

Sat July 29th  – Sun July 30th

From 9.30am – 4.30pm, with a one hour lunch break

Fees : $195 per couple


To Register, Call Kaurina at 604 809 3288



For more information, check out :

Prenatal Classes for Surrey Langley

Prenatal Classes Schedules 

Doula Support

or find out more About Kaurina


Prenatal Classes in Surrey Langley

Moms Supporting Moms – A Project Supporting Moms in Need in Surrey and Langley

Moms Supporting Moms

I started a project called Moms Supporting Moms in October 2016. It is a group of moms collecting necessities like clothing for women and their families in need in Surrey and Langley. To date we have  130 members and have donated about 70 bags (garbage bag sized) of babies’, kids’ and women’s clothes and other items such as strollers, household items, toiletries, socks, gloves, toys and much more. So far most of the items have been donated by moms in the Clayton Heights area, but we would like to expand the network of collection to other communities.

I’ve been a Birth Doula for 8 years, supporting moms in Surrey and Langley. I’ve seen many moms struggle to scrape by, doing their best to raise their families. It’s stressful enough being a mom, it’s even more stressful trying to juggle everything while worrying about if you can pay rent, and still get everything your child needs. Another reason I chose to focus on moms and their families is that children outgrow things so fast. There is always a continual supply of clothes, toys, strollers, baby stuff, and it doesn’t require people to donate money or resources they don’t already have. There are also very specific needs of moms that get missed when people think of the problem of poverty or homelessness in Surrey. We have been able to provide specific donations of maternity clothes, nursing pillows, bras, feminine products, kitchenware and other things that people don’t usually think about when donating.

The idea of the project is so simple because it is a win-win for everyone. Families are always having to declutter as they outgrow things. Now they get to make a meaningful difference locally at the same time. A lot of people drop them off at thrift stores, but why resell them when there are families in Surrey who really need items now, and can’t even afford to buy them from thrift stores?

I called up several organizations who work with families in need and discovered that they already had programs to distribute items to families in poverty or fleeing violence. All we had to do was drop them off to them. I asked moms in my neighbourhood, and the response was overwhelming. Everyone wanted an opportunity to contribute. They could declutter and help out at the same time. It was a win-win. Some moms wanted to help out more and took on collecting things from their own network of friends and driving the donations to the various organizations.

The organizations we donated to included the Surrey Women’s Centre, Whalley Family Place, Ishtar Transition House, and the Fraser Regional Aboriginal Friendship Centre Association. There was also a response to specific requests from families affected by the apartment fire in Langley in December 2016, and for winter gloves from schools that had children who could not afford that.


Why There is a Need

More than half of the region’s neighbourhoods with a concentration of youth living below the poverty line are in Surrey, according to the Surrey Poverty Reduction Coalition.

City council received an update Monday on how the poverty reduction plan has been implemented so far, outlining how the city’s 16% poverty rate — or 72,000 residents — is similar to Metro Vancouver’s overall, but of note is how 11 of the 20 region’s neighbourhoods with the largest number of children and youth living in poverty can be found in Surrey.

Vancouver 24 Hrs

We like to think of ourselves as a caring, civilized society, but in fact we have been tolerating and sustaining shameful levels of child and family poverty for decades. By allowing our society’s wealth to be concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer wealthy individuals, we have allowed thousands of children to grow up in poverty that we know hurts their health and ignores their human rights. We have left families raising children in BC to face stagnating wages, precarious work, gaping holes in our social safety net, and soaring costs for essential living expenses (for example, housing, food, child care, transportation). Parents raising their children in poverty are frantically trying to keep their heads above water by working more hours or multiple jobs (if they can), going to the food bank, scrimping on their own nutrition and juggling which bills they can afford to pay each month and still cover their rent. We have ignored the injustice of the continued over-representation of particular populations of children in these dire circumstances. The most recent statistics from Statistics Canada (2014) paint a stark picture: 1 in 5 BC children are poor.

2016 BC Child Poverty Report Card

The Future of the Project

We would like the project to expand so that more people know that there are organizations in Whalley who distribute items to families in need, and that people can donate useful items they are decluttering to make a difference to Surrey as a community. I would also like to have more people who want to be leaders in this project, and collect donations of items from their neighbourhoods. The response so far has been so positive, from the people contributing, and from the organizations.

What You Can Do

  1. Join the Facebook group – Moms Supporting Moms In Need
  2. Call or text 604 809 3288 to schedule a pick up or drop off.
  3. Become a leader in the project and collect items from your neighbourhood community and drop them off to the appropriate organizations. Contact Kaurina to find out more. 604 809 3288.


Mommy SOS – Support and Strategies to Help Stressed Out Moms go from Chaos to Calm

The Stressed Out Mom Phenomenon

overwhelmed-mom-holding-babies-0-280x280When my kids were little, I was so completely overwhelmed and isolated. I didn’t know where to go get useful help. The support systems available seemed to be geared towards children, but nothing reflected what I was dealing with internally. It wasn’t just about parenting, it was the combination of the stress of everything put together – taking care of 3 small children, housework, isolation, finances, relationships, lack of exercise, lack of self-care, lack of time in the day to just BREATHE!  I didn’t know who I was and I felt guilty and inadequate.

It took a LONG time to go from that state of feeling completely depleted, to learning what I really needed to replenish myself and be present for my children and enjoy life. I had to work really hard to create the harmony, fulfillment and love that I wanted.

I thought I was the only one because most moms seemed like they had everything together, but after working with and meeting hundreds of moms, I know there are a lot who need more support than they are getting. Practical as well as emotional support. Being a doula and supporting moms through pregnancy and birth, it has been only natural that after completing my Life Coach training, I would like to support moms through the challenges that follow.

For many years I have been dreaming of creating a unique support system for stressed out moms so that they can begin to relax, appreciate themselves, their families and the deliciousness of life again. It is possible and I have the tools and strategies to help.


Mommy SOS – Support and Strategies to help Stressed Out Moms go from Chaos to Calm

lisamugFinally, I am starting phone support and workshops for stressed out moms so they can go from Chaos to Calm. It’s called Mommy SOS! The workshops are local (Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, White Rock, BC). But the phone support is for anywhere in the world.

So far the response has been overwhelming. Lots of Moms are responding saying, “Thank you for doing this! It is exactly what I need!”  If you are reading this now and are feeling overwhelmed, I want you to take a deep breath. Take a few deep breaths and know that you are doing a great job.


Here’s what else you can do :

1. If you live in the Lower Mainland, you can head out to the a workshop. The first one is being held in Surrey, BC on Saturday March 1st 2014 and the info is here :

Mommy SOS workshop


2. If you live elsewhere, or can’t make it, you can send me an email at kaurina @ prenatal journey. ca  or call 604 809 3288 to set up a free Chaos to Calm Strategy Session.

3. And lastly, Like the Facebook page at the  Mommy SOS facebook page  to get tips and insights and find out when the next workshops and teleseminars are coming up.


Please forward this info to other moms you may know so we can get the word out. I know there are lots of moms who really need this information.