Once You Go Homebirth You Never Go Back

Once You Go Homebirth You Never Go Back is an apt phrase that has made it’s rounds in birthing circles. It’s so true. Almost everyone who has experienced Home Birth never chooses to have their next baby in a hospital. (There are always a few exceptions for everything.)

This poem on the wonderful blog – DrMomma.org describes it so perfectly. Women’s bodies were designed to give birth. But in a hospital system, with all their protocols and policies, the natural tendencies of birthing women are hampered, and so is the indescribable power that emerges from a birthing woman who is undisturbed.

Here is an excerpt :

And yet I was not designed to birth
between these hospital walls.
Monitors mess up my flow.
IVs cramp my free movement.
Food and drink restriction famish my muscles.
This gown cramps my urges.
My body is stepped upon.
My spirit is caged.

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