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Time to register for Spring Weekend Prenatal Classes!

The weekend classes are so popular with parents-to-be being as busy as they are these days. The Prenatal Journey is offering weekend prenatal classes in Langley, BC for the spring of 2012 on May 19th and 26th. These are great for expecting parents living in Langley or Surrey, BC. Classes consist of two Saturdays and a reunion class. Moms-to-be should ideally be in their third trimester in May to register for the classes.

If you are due before then, no problem, just sign up for our earlier classes or private classes, and if you are due in July or later, just register for our summer classes.

The May classes are for first-time parents who want to learn what they need to know to be prepared for the birth of their child. We specialize in teaching moms who want to have as natural a birth as possible. So many moms want to have a natural birth, but don’t have the knowledge or the techniques to help them. Studies show that moms who attend high quality prenatal classes have more confidence, less fear and stress approaching their birth, less interventions and feel better about their birth experiences.

Experienced parents also greatly appreciate taking the refresher course. Doesn’t matter if they are having their second child or their fifth, they still learn so much that they can take with them and make their next birth experience even nicer.

We had Kaurina as our prenatal teacher for our second child and it was a world of difference between the first and second experience. Kaurina taught my partner and I not just what to EXPECT, but what to DO! We felt way more confident the second time around because of the practical tools she taught us to relieve back pain in labour and the knowledge and encouragement to trust in our own abilities.

– Susan and John, Surrey, BC

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To register, call 604 809 3288 or email