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prenatal journey“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”
– Elizabeth Stone

When you are expecting a baby, you deserve the best in birth support and prenatal education to make this special time stress-free and rewarding. This is such an exciting time in your life. It can also be a time when you have so many questions about what lies ahead, especially if you are a first-time parent. And if you already have a kid or two, you might be wondering how you can make this experience more memorable and enjoyable while still juggling everything else in your life.

KaurinaDanuHere at Prenatal Journey, in Surrey, BC, I am committed to providing moms, their partners and their families the support, knowledge and tools they need to have a positive experience. I take the time to listen to you. Each mom is different and each pregnancy is different. I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. All prenatal classes are designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery, integrating modern knowledge and ancient wisdom, to a place where you are confident in your own abilities and knowing.


Because I am a mom myself, and have supported other women in my work as a doula, I understand the emotional, psychological and physical experience of pregnancy, birth and parenting. High quality prenatal classes are a must for women who want as natural a birth as possible. I teach you, not just what natural birth is, or why you might want a natural birth, but the skills and knowledge of HOW to have a natural, satisfying, empowering birth. I don’t just teach you what to expect when you’re expecting, I teach you what to DO!

To Register :

To register for Prenatal Classes, or how Doula Support can make your pregnancy, birth and post-partum easier, call 1 –604 809 3288 or email kaurina@prenataljourney.ca

Group prenatal classes are in Surrey / Langley. All other services are available anywhere in the Lower Mainland from Vancouver to Abbotsford, BC.


Check out the other pages for more info :

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Prenatal Classes – To learn everything you need to know to have a healthy and positive pregnancy, birth and post partum

Other Services – To find out about Birth Photography, Belly Henna, Belly Casts, and Birth Consultations

Resources  – For links to Pregnancy, Birth, Post Partum and Baby Resources in Surrey, Langley or the Lower Mainland

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“There are so many surprising things about how birth can be done to render a healthy, gentle welcome into this world. Kaurina you have taught me so much! Anyone and everyone pregnant NEEDS to talk with you. Your work is life changing ♥”                   – Cassandra Wilson, Surrey, BC




celebrating pregnancy

Enjoy This Time, and Celebrate Your Self !



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  1. This is wonderful informative website for expecant mother and also those wanting to start a family and also for those that need resources after the babies are born…I will refer others to this site…Thanks Debra

  2. What wonderful work! And a great looking informative website. As a yoga teacher of the highly appreciated “Full Moon Belly Rising Pre-natal Yoga classes 1996-2004”, where mom to be Kaurina and I met; I cannot stress the importance of post natal self care. In particular the alignment of the hips following giving birth. If the hips are misaligned, this leads to lower back pain, neck pain, knee pain, possible degenerative lower abdominal weakness, incontinence and even early menopause! Please incorporate post natal care of Mother as rigorously as pre-natal care! Chiropractic adjustment may be necessary! Speaking from personal and professional experience.

    Susan Naja
    past yoga and meditation teacher
    B.A. cultural anthropology

  3. Kaurina, what a wonderful website! I have already learned so much on your website about preparing for child birth and benefits of having a Doula along the emotional journey. Looking forward to reading future posts. Thanks!

    Sara Rodrigues, RD
    Registered Dietitian

  4. Having Kaurina with me for the birth of my two daughters has been an enormous blessing for our family. She showed me what a natural birth was and, most importantly, the physical and emotional tools I needed to be able to achieve one. No words are enough to express my gratitude. Every woman who is expecting a baby should talk to Kaurina! It would be a great gift to themselves and their babies.

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